Moving Onwards and upwards !!!

Well the progress on the journey website has languished of late with Computer issues in the organization, doing a bit here and there were a Computer permits. Problem is being resolved, and forward full motion will be going again soon on the promotion of the organization with pages for St Johns Lutheran, our board members will have dedicated page, and other neat lil tidbits. Keep Looking for changes, and feel free to donate to help the cause!!!

Actual Pages From Scrolling !!

Journey website is growing day by day!! Slowly making growth and changes as it ever evolves into the entity i am imagining it becoming. Offering the information necessary to get the Journeys message to the masses, and hopefully to those in need of its services.

Journey Board Meeting

Monday March 12th at 7:00pm to 8:30 pm Meeting to catch up on roles, take some pictures of the board members.

The Path to the Future... The Journey!!!

Well Today was a big growth day for the journey the launch of the website!!! Big day personally, and for the organization as a whole if i may say. One step closer to making this dream come true, and help lots of young lives. #community #team