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Our Vision

Our vision is that those we mentor through healthy relationships will become resilient adults whose lives reflect God's love; that they will live with hope, confidence, resourcefulness and purpose. 

Our Purpose

The Journey begins when a young person living in chaos reaches out to find change. They may not know what that change will be, but they know they need "something." We at The Journey have discovered that that something, for many young adults, is often as simple as giving time to love, support, mentor, and guide them. And so, we meet them where they are and give them our time. 


The Journey helps youth and young adults, ages 14-24, transition from unstable, sometimes traumatic, childhoods to self-sustaining adulthoods. We mentor at-risk teens and young adults who need assistance and guidance to obtain resources from the community. How do we do that? We meet mentees where they are emotionally, create safe spaces where they can escape the chaos, foster healthy relationships as examples of stability, and prepare them for independence.


Our mentees often have unacknowledged trauma, absentee parents/guardians, and uncertain home situations, all of which significantly impact adult health according to many major studies. These same studies show that building resilience is the key to undermining the impact of childhood trauma on an adult’s life. 


We build our mentees’ resilience by journeying with them through three phases: Rest, Release, and Respond to help them heal. By tailoring our programming to the individual, we show them the world in which they can contribute and learn to thrive.

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