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Creating Conversation: 

WHO: Young adults, age 14-26

WHAT DAY: 2nd Thursday of each month

WHEN: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

WHERE: West Central Coffee House

1006 Broadway

Fort Wayne, IN 46802


                     What is conversation?

  • To talk to someone and actively Listen

  • To Listen to understand, not respond

  • To share ideas with others

Creating conversation provides a safe space for our mentees to learn to navigate the professional world. The Program exposes our mentees to etiquette standards in the Professional sphere that would be appropriate in interviews, meetings, conferences and workshops. Training from professionals with assistance in resume preparation, interviewing skills and the importance of follow through. There will also be presentations on learning the need and "how to" for budgets, banking, insurance, health care and home/auto maintenance.

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